• Confirm the user's security group has access to Add/Edit Constituent records 
  • Under the Participants (Events), confirm the rights to Edit Travel information
  1. Go to Admin> Security
  2. On the left, open the user's Security Group
  3. Highlight Records and click Options
  4. Under the Security Options window, highlight Constituents on the left - Mark the checkboxes to View, Add, and Edit Constituents
  5. Highlight Participants (Events)
  6. Mark View, Add, and Edit for each section of the Participant information including: General, Travel, Participation, etc.
  7. If users are unable to add seating from General tab of the Event, highlight Events
  8. Mark View and Edit for Seating
  9. Click OK
  10. Save and Close the security group
Note: The users must log out, then log back into the database for security changes to take place.  Please see more information on how to set up security in RE for additional options.