Starting with BBCRM 4.0 SP9, or Altru 4.93, the following Data Tune-up services require Finder Settings Credentials to be entered before being able to submit:
  • AddressFinder
  • DeceasedRecordFinder
If your organization is using BBCRM 4.0 SP9, or Altru 4.93, or above, wishes to submit for one of the above services, and hasn't yet received Credentials please click Chat with support and reference this Knowledgebase article. 

The support analyst will have the Credentials generated that you will then enter into the Data Tune-up Finder settings.  You will only need to complete this process once.

Please note this process requires a physical address, and P.O. Boxes cannot be used. Please review What are the requirements of the Data Tune-Up Finder settings fields to ensure a successful submission? for other requirements for entering the finder settings in properly. 

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In upcoming service packs, we will focus on some of the other finder services, such as People Finder, Email Finder, Phone Finder and Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ).

If you are receiving an error while submitting for one of these other services please see Error: The process could not submit the file to Blackbaud. Exception: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.