Please note that once an email message has been sent, you cannot edit the content received by your constituents. The link at the top of the email to View Message In Browser will also display the original content.

However, you can update the content of the email and link directly to it in the web browser. This can be done by following the steps below.
  1. In Luminate Online go to Email > Email Campaigns 
  2. Select the Campaigns Tab
  3. Click Manage for the campaign that contains this message
  4. Click Preview for the message you wish to alter
  5. Note the ID number at the end of the URL in your browser's URL bar  Email ID
  6. Click Edit for a message in that campaign that has not been sent
  7. In the URL bar of your browser remove the ID number at the end and replace it with the ID from the message that has been sent
  8. Edit the content. 
  9. Click on step 7, Approve, and make a note of the URL. This will be the URL for your revised email.