The Financial Edge freezes when exporting and overwriting a database file through Export

When trying to export an MDB file from the export area of The Financial Edge, when a file already exists, a user may receive a prompt asking if they would like to overwrite the existing file. After one initial exporting of the file, the system may then freeze and fail to proceed with the exported information.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

With example query and example export:
1. General Ledger > Export > Open Export BBTEST
2. Click Export Now and save the MDB file with a name - e.g. "a"
3. [Exporting Data] message should come up and Export should complete successfully > Close the export - click Yes to save when prompted
4. File > Exit and Sign out and sign back in 
5. Open Export BBTEST
6. Click Export Now and save the MDB file with the same name again as the first > Say yes to replace it 
7. Data exports successfully > (no prompt to save this time) > Close the export
8. File > Exit and Sign out > Log back in > open the export > click to export > click Yes to overwrite > Freeze - Never recovers


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