Unable to globally change the Account Restrictions tab of a Project record

When using the Global change process to update the Account Restrictions setting of a project record, the project remains unchanged.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information. In the meantime, follow these steps: How to allow or restrict specific accounts from posting to projects


Steps to Duplicate

The following example is an attempt to update the projects Account Restrictions tab to reflect Allow use of selected Accounts: Range to Allow use of selected Accounts: Query.

In General Ledger:

1.Go to Administration and select Globally change records

2. Highlight Projects, under the Project heading then select New Change

3. Click the small + to Expand Project

4. Click the small + to Expand Account Restrictions, then double click to select Account restriction

5. Make the following selections:
Operation: Replace
Replace: Allow use of selected Accounts
With: Allow use of selected accounts 

6. Click OK

7. Double click to add Selection mode, then make the following selections:
Operation: Replace
Replace: Range
With: Query

8. Click OK

9. Apply Filters as needed

10.Select Preview changes, then select Change now to process the Global change

11.Close the dialog box indicating the change results and Control report

12. Close the Global change windows and go to Records> Projects

13. Open the Project record in question to verify the Account restrictions tab

The Global change did not update the Account restrictions of the Project. 


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