How do I exclude an invoice from Aged Accounts Receivable report?

When running the Aged Accounts Receivable report, it is sometimes neccesary to exclude a specific invoice or invoices. This can be accomplished using an Invoice Query as a filter.
From Accounts Receivable,create a query to be used as a filter with the Aged Accounts Receivable report:
  1. In Query, click new query
  2. Select Invoice as the Type and Dynamic as the Format and click OK
  3. Select the Criteria tab, expand Invoice
  4. Double click to select Invoice ID
  5. Use the Operator: Does not equal and the Value: <unwanted invoice ID>
  6. Click Ok
  7. Save the new Query then close it
  8. Now go to Reports> Analysis Reports
  9. Highlight Aged Accounts Receivable Report and click New.
  10. On the General tab, select the appropriate options.
  11. Go to the Filters tab and change the Invoice Include column from All to Selected
  12. In the new window that appears, mark the radio option for Query 
  13. Search for or type in your Query name created in step 1
  14. Click OK
  15. Preview the report

Now the report runs as normal based on desired dates and set up options but it will EXCLUDE the unwanted invoice .


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