With the new HTML5 video player in Blackbaud’s School Website System, some styling options are now available. In order to have these options changed, please contact Support.

What options are available for the video style?

Two Styles are available

Style nameBefore StartedWhile playing
LunaUser-added imageUser-added image
GraphiteUser-added imageUser-added image
Note: When playing and the mouse is not active, both players minimize controls to progress bar at the bottom

Enable Title and Description Dock (Luna Only)

The title and description dock is the bar that shows at the top of player when the video is active. You can disable that with this options if desired. The Graphite skin does not include Titles or Descriptions

Select Colors

The following color options can be selected. 

  • Icons: This includes all the buttons in the menu. These are White in the screenshots above
  • Progress bar: This is the color of the progress bar in the video, Pink in the video above
    Note: This is also the hover color for the large Play button on the Luna skin before the video starts, but not the graphite skin
  • Background: The background of all the overlay elements in the video