1. Manually run database revisions in Blackbaud NetCommunity
  2. Change the SqlConnection string to use following instead of 'Uid=SA' ;Password=********' use  'integrated security = SSPI'
  3. Click Go to run service revisions 
If we continue to experience an error, the cause of the error may be due to the BBNC SQL Server and the BBNC Web Server (IIS) being on different domains. In that event, copy the entire  BBAppFx folder from the BBNC Web Server over to the BBNC SQL Server. The file will be over 1 GB in size. On the BBNC SQL server, open the BBAppFx Configuration Manager application. Run Service Revisions from the SQL server.

Set the Catalog Assemblies Path to reflect the path to the BBAppFx folder on the SQL machine. Set the SQL Connection string to use "integrated security=SSPI". Or you can insert the same connection string that is currently in the Web.config file of the BBNC Web Server. Click on 'Go' to run Service Revisions.