Household Name format joins last name together if both spouse share the same last name

When the default household name format option in your Altru database is set to the William Smith Jr. and Margaret Adams MD Household name format you may notice that the household name for spouses with the same last name will show as William and Margaret Smith instead of William Smith and Margaret Smith as the name format suggest. 
This is currently not a feature in Altru. If you would like to see this issue added to Altru please vote on this idea

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click Constituents > Household Settings
  2. Make sure the name format is set to William Smith Jr. and Margaret Adams MD Household
  3. Click Constituents > Add an individual and create a new individual in the database
  4. Click on the spouse link under primary relationships in the constituent tile section to add a spouse
  5. On the add a spouse screen click the paper icon next to the magnifying glass to create a new constituent
  6. Create a new constituent that shares the same last name as the constituent you created before and click save
  7. Add the relationship and click save
  8. Go to the constituent record of either of the two constituents you created to see the household name


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