Incorrect amount distributed by percent when creating payroll checks

When creating payroll checks for employees, the incorrect amount is distributed by percent.
This issue has been resolved in The Financial Edge version 7.87 patch 23.  If your database is not hosted by Blackbaud please download and install the latest patch: How to install a patch (includes video demo)

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go into Payroll and select banks.
2. Make sure the correct bank account is selected and open the register
3. Open the payment in question and select the distribution tab
4. Notice the amounts for the distribution
5. Go to the employee record and select the GL Distribution tab and make a note of the percents distributed to each account
6. Go back to the payment and look at the distribution.  The distribution on the payment is distributing the incorrect amount by percent.
7. Note the amount distributed by percent on the payment does not match the amount distributed by percent on the employee record.


 Financial Edge

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