Page Designer ReportShowInNewWindow option not working

In Page Designer when adding an action of Show Report and ReportShowInNewWindow is set to true, CRM just navigates to the report instead of opening in a new window.
This can be addressed by duplicating your browser tab in a new window before clicking the "view report" button. 

Steps to Duplicate

1)      Open CRM
2)      Naviage to: Analysis > Constituent Reports > Constituent Profile > (any constituent)
3)      Enter Design Mode
4)      “Edit Action Groups”
5)      Edit “More Information”
6)      Click … next to Actions
7)      +Add. 
8)      Settings: ActionType = Show Report, Report = any built-in report. ReportShowInNewWindow = True
9)      Note that the History report opens in the same tab, not a new window, although “ReportShowInNewWindow” is set to true. This happens in IE and Chrome.


 Blackbaud CRM

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