1. Go to Core > Users/Access > Profile.
  2. Click Manage Roles
  3. Click Add.
  4. Enter a Role Name for the new role.
  5. Select the Comments Manager role.
  6. Click Next.
  7. In Step 2 of 3, click Next (again).
  8. To add members to the role, search for each user by selecting any combination of the following criteria in the "Enter Search Criteria" box:
    • Role: Select from any of the Active roles listed.
    • Grad Year: Choose a specific Grad Year or search using All.
    • Search In: Choose from Last Name, First Name, Email, Maiden Name, Business Name, User ID, Host ID.
  9. Click the right arrows (>>) to add the users.
  10. Click Save & Exit.
  11. Click on the new role to edit it.
  12. Select Tasks on the left.
  13. Click on Edit in the top-right.
  14. Select these tasks:
    • Dashboard onRecord
    • People Finder Access
  15. Click Save & Exit.