1. From the Memberships tab > Select your Membership Program
  2.  Select "Set up membership renewal efforts"
  3. Delete all packages fields, and mark the time to expiration field you wish to mail to 
  4. Ensure you have the correct membership levels marked on the left hand side. 
  5. You will want to put ONE package to ONE "time to expiration field" 
  6. Ensure that in the field "For patrons with no mail or email package preference, use XXX when both are selected" you select the type of package that you entered in Step 5. This is how your set up should look if you want to get individual time sheets for each segment of a renewal process.
  7. Give it a name and save.
  8. Repeate this process for each Expiration criteria and each package that you will need to mail 
  9. Click process membership renewal efforts and select the appropriate renewal notice