Can I run a report showing Asset Strategy percentages?

I would like to run a report to show that my asset strategy percentages have actually been built.  Is there a report that will do this?
Asset Rebalancing Target percentage and Asset Rebalancing Fixed Amount can be included as financial statement data rows.

These additional Rows can be accessed when adding rows in the Row Format tab for a particular statement:

These additional values for the row format column include:
  • AR% - The Asset Rebalancing Target % from the GLYear record for the asset chosen
  • ARF – The Asset Rebalancing Fixed Amt from the GLYear record for the asset chosen

In the Example 1 screenshot below is a sample row with the AR% and ARF Formats chosen. You would indicate single asset accounts for each. Typically you would include rows for each of the assets used by the funds. If you had 14200 and 14300 as pools involved in asset rebalancing, then for each of these two assets you might include each line for a total of 6. If you don’t use the fixed amount feature, then you would only need 2. See the Example 2 screenshot for an illustration of this set-up.

Example 1

Example 2



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