Altru: Registration question with check boxes are not populating as required on webform, although marked required

Users may notice that when adding a Registration question to a pre-registered program that if the question is formatted as a checkbox (yes/no), that ability to make the question Required is greyed out. The option may be greyed out with Required checked or unchecked, but either way the question is not required on the webform to complete a registration.
Checkboxes no longer have the ability to be Required in Altru, as they will default to having a value whether the box is checked or not. If the box is marked, the value is yes. If not, the value is no. Since there will always be a value, there isn't a necessity to mark it as required. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. From Tickets, click on Program search
2. Search for program 
3. Click on Registration Information tab
4. Scroll down a question that has the type Checkbox (Yes/No) do not have a Required status
5. Expand and Edit the question. Note that the option to make the question Required is greyed out, but the check box is marked 
6. On the customer webform, the registration can be completed without marking that checkbox. 

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