Description field remains blank when entering projects

When entering a project id on the distribution, the project description does not populate even though the project id is a valid id.
 We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Select Journal Entry and Select New Journal Entry
  2. Entered project number into project id and description did not populate for the project id entered
  3. Repeat the above process for the other project id and description field does not populate
  4. Created another line and instead of entering the project manually, selected the binoculars and selected project id and the field populated 
  5. If you try and save the batch without a project description being entered, you get error: please enter a valid project id

Project Description also doesn't populate when creating an invoice:
  1. Created an invoice using the project on the distribution
  2. Entered the project id and the field for the description did not populate


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