How to track the grade or graduation year of students

We can use eTapestry to track information about students, such as their grade. Depending on how your database is set up, you may either have an account for the child or for their parent(s). If you have an account for each child, we can create a User Defined Field to track the graduation year on that account. If you have an account for the parent, you may need several user-defined fields for Child 1, Child 2, Child 3, etc.
To avoid running mass updates each year as the students move to different grades, it’s recommended that you track graduation year rather than the grade since it is something that will not change. For anyone whose graduation year does change, they can be edited individually. By setting the Data Type as Number you will be able to later query on a range to see, for example, everyone who is graduating from 2020-2025. We do not want to set the Data Type to Date because we do not know the exact date of the graduation.
  1. Click Management
  2. Select User Defined Fields under Database Configuration
  3. Select the Category you want to save this new User Defined Field in (Ex: Base)
  4. Select New Defined Field
  5. Name the Field Graduation Year
  6. Select Number as your Data Type
  7. Click Next
  8. Select Constituent as your field application (do not check off any other boxes)
  9. Click Next
  10. If you would like to utilize either of these options then check the appropriate box
  11. Click Next
  12. Select Text Box as your Display Type
  13. Click Save and Finish



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