How to manually opt out a Constituent from receiving Mass Email

There are some situations where you may be manually entering a new constituent account or need to manually update an existing account to prevent the constituent from receiving your mass emails. 

To prevent the Constituent from receiving any mass emails that your organization sends out, you can utilize the below steps to accomplish this:

  1. Login to eTapestry
  2. Navigate to the Account that you need to opt out
  3. Click Personas
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  5. Under the Opt Out Settings heading, click the (Change) link
  6. Mark the checkbox for Opt out of all Mass Emails
  7. Click Save And

Note: When a user manually opts out a persona, there is nothing in place that ensures all other personas with that email address are opted out.  Users who choose to manually opt out a persona will need to check the other personas on the account and opt those out as well if the email address in question exists there.



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