1. Navigate to Analysis > Manage Lists > Manage Basic and Advanced Lists
  2. Click Add in the upper left
  3. Select Create Advanced List
  4. Under the Select Object Tab add:
    1. Monitoring Teams 
    2. Monitoring Team Comment Types
    3. Comment Type
    4. Comment
    5. Monitoring Team Members
    6. User Base from under Constituent Information
    7. Uncheck the Inner box from all of the objects
  5. Click the Display Fields Tab and Mark the Enable Grouping Options box
    1. Click Select Fields
    2. Expand the Monitoring Teams Object
    3. Mark Monitoring Team and E-mail Access
    4. Expand the Comment Type Object 
    5. Mark Comment Type, Approval Required, and Email on Creation
    6. Expand the Monitoring Team Members and then the User Base Object
    7. Mark First Name and Last Name
    8. Click Select
  6. There are no filters needed for this list
  7. Name the list and select a Category if desired 
  8. Save & Exit