Your Renewals Representative should work with our Hosting Administrators to schedule the site for decommissioning. Typically, this will take place during the time when the contract is being cancelled. 

Please contact Blackbaud Renewals to request the site be disabled. Blackbaud Renewals can be reached by phone at 800-468-8996 (option 4, sub option 1) or by email at 

Be prepared to share the following information with Renewals:
  • Date to disable this site

If you would like a copy of the BBNC database prior to your selected removal date, create a case with Support, including the following information:
Note: Backups are provided in .bak format. It is a sequelized version of the entire BBNC database. If you wish to view any information within the backup, you will need a test environment or access to SQL Server Management Studio and knowledge of SQL. 
  • Date of the backup
  • Do you plan to install the backup in a test environment? 
    • Note: If you would like assistance setting up a test environment, please contact your account manager to arrange for a billable service through our Professional Services team. Blackbaud Support does not assist with setting up test environments.
Notes on URL redirects
  • If your organization has a fully qualified domain, not registered to Blackbaud, you may work with your DNS provider to redirect all traffic from the NetCommunity URL to a new website URL. 
  • If your organization has a domain through Blackbaud, for example * or *, no redirects can be enabled on the site. Once the site is taken offline, the URL will cease to work.