If your NetCommunity database is not hosted by Blackbaud, ask your IT department if load balancing is being utilized. If so, ask that it be adjusted appropriately. You may share the below information:

First possible scenario:
The host files in nodes need to point to their own host files, not back to the load balancer. If the host files are pointing towards the load balancer, we’ll see the error above.
Second possible scenario:
There is an SSL certificate for the NetCommunity domain.  The SSL certificate must be on the NetCommunity web server. The SSL certificate should not be on the load balancer.

If your NetCommunity database is hosted by Blackbaud, Click Chat with Support and reference this article. Please be prepared to share the following information with Support:
  • URL of the page which is not showing the correct template
  • Username and Password to access the NetCommunity site
Payment page for event registration or donation form is not showing the correct template (MASTER Guide)