Linking of ResearchPoint records with Raiser's Edge records can only be done one at a time. 

1. In ResearchPoint open a record that is also a record in the Raiser's Edge
2. On the left hand side under tasks select link with RE
3. ResearchPoint will open a box with the possible Raiser's Edge record. 
4. Choose the Raiser's Edge record that matches, if none is listed, select add to add the record to Raiser's Edge
5. Once the ResearchPoint record is linked to the Raiser's Edge record, select the sync with RE link. 

NOTE: If you do not see Tasks and Link with RE on the left side of ResearchPoint, go to Home>The Raiser's Edge integration.  Select Edit Credentials and enter the RE Username and Password.  The RE Username within RE MUST have RE7 Authentication marked.  (Windows Authentication can still be used, but RE7 Authentication must be marked in order to be fully integrated.)