Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.

Carefully read all of the instructions listed below before proceeding. If you are new to importing, also refer to How to import - the basics of importing.

Begin by creating a New, Class query
In criteria, choose:

  • Class > Academic Year, Term, Session
  • Course > Course > School (if more than one school is in the database)
  • Meetings > Day, Period
  • Student > Student > Bio 1 > Current Status, Current Grade

In Output, choose:

  • Students > Student > Bio 1 > First Name, Last Name, Student ID
  • Class > Class ID
  • Meetings > Day, Period, Faculty/Staff > Faculty/Staff > First Name, Last Name, Record ID

In Sort, choose Query Fields, choose the First Name, Last Name associated with the student

Run the Query and then export it to excel.

  • In excel, sort again by the last Name and first name of the student.
  • Add a Column after Student Record ID and name it Student Progression Import ID. Add a column after this and name it Student import ID. 
  • Save and close this file.

Again, go to Query and create a New, student query

  • In criteria, go to Schedule > Academic Year, Meetings, Day, and Period. Use the same values here as used for the earlier query.
  • In Output, go to Student > Bio 1 > First Name, Last Name
  • Save and close this query.

Go to Export and create a new, Student Export.

  • Filter on the query made in the above step.
  • On the Output tab, select Student > First Name, Last Name, Record ID, Import ID, Student Progression > Import ID (in the pop-up, filter on the current year's Progression entry)

Export this to excel.

  • Sort by the last name and the first name of the student.
  • Copy and Paste the Student Progression Import ID and the Student Import ID from the export file to the file created by the query.
  • Spot check several records to be sure they line up correctly. Save and close the file as a .csv.

Go to Administration > Import and create a new Student Progression Import.

  • On the general tab, choose to update existing records and to Validate data Only. Browse out to your import file.
  • On the Fields Tab, map to your Student Import ID, Student Progression Import ID, and Homeroom teacher.

Validate the data first and then import it.