Error: Duplicate designations cannot be specified - when changing multiple gift designations on a sales order

Users may find that if there are multiple donations to designations within one sales order that when trying to change the designations to be the same designation that they receive the above error. The same thing may occur in an Enhanced Revenue Batch. 
After careful consideration,  we've evaluated this issue and determined this is a feature request to be implemented in a future release of Altru.  This decision will help accelerate development of new features while sustaining the high level of quality that delight our customers.  Please subscribe to the idea, and check out our Product roadmap webinars to be notified of upcoming changes.   

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Daily Sales, add a donation to the cart for a specific designation.
  2. Add a second donation to the cart, to the same or a different designation.
  3. Complete sale.
  4. From Sales > Order search, search for the sales order
  5. Note the designations on the Order Details tab.
  6. For the first donation, click Go to revenue.
  7. Under Details, click Edit, and Edit the designation for this donation. Click save.
  8. Go back to the Order screen, and find the second donation on the Order Details tab. Click Go to revenue.
  9. Under Details, click Edit, and Edit the designation for this donation to be the same as the first designation. 
  10. Receive error. 


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