Task Reminder Alert for Events are not sending

After creating an Email Alert within an Event Record in CRM for Task Reminder Alerts, the email alert does not send to the Constituent who owns the Task.
To send alerts for a custom email alert type or a task reminder alert, you must run a send process.

• When you run the send process for a custom email alert, the program determines whether changes to the selected data list match the parameters of the alert type. If the changes match the parameters, the program then automatically send alerts to the assigned users to inform them of the change.
• When you run the send process for a task reminder alert, the program determines whether users assigned to the alert have active tasks with a due date set for the current date or a future date. If assigned users have active tasks, the program then automatically sends alerts to the users who have not already received a reminder for the task.
To start the send process from the record of the email alert, click Start send process under Tasks. The status of the process appears on the Process Details tab of the email alert record.

You can use the following steps to manually start this process:  
  1. Go to Administration > Email alerts
  2. In the Email alert types tab, click on Task reminder alert
  3. Under Tasks, click Start send process
Additionally, you can create a scheduled job to run this Send Process daily, which should allow all future email reminders to process/send, as needed.


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