There is no direct transfer feature in eTapestry at this moment that will allow you to quickly move a journal entry from account to account.

For this reason, we recommend the following process for moving the entry to the correct account:

First, record all relevant details from the original journal entry so that it can be manually re-added to the correct account:
  1. Click Accounts
  2. Click Find an Account
  3. Search for and click on the account where the journal entry was incorrectly recorded
  4. Click the blue Journal link in the account header
  5. Click on the entry to open it
  6. Record all relevant information about the entry. For example, if it is a transaction, record the Date, Received amount, Fund, Campaign, etc...Make sure also to record any relevant information under the Gift Types and User Defined Fields tabs on the right hand side. It can also help to take a screenshot of the entry that you can refer to later when you are re-adding it.

Next you can do one of two things with the entry on the original account: You can either delete the entry, or reverse it. Please note that you can only reverse an entry if it is a transaction. If it is a credit card transaction you are transferring to a new account it is recommended that you reverse the original entry instead of deleting it, so that you have a record of the charged card in your database. If you are transferring another type of entry such as a Contact or Note, you will simply need to delete it when you get to this step.

For more information on how to delete an entry, please view the following help file: How to Delete a Journal Entry

For more information on how to reverse a transaction, please view the following help file: How do I refund or reverse a donation?

Once the original entry has either been deleted or reversed, you can now re-add it to the correct account:
  1. Search for the account you want to add it to and open it
  2. Click on the blue Journal link in the account header
  3. Click the 'Add...' button in the upper left hand corner
  4. Click on the type of entry you are re-adding
  5. Record the entry the way it was originally recorded based on the details you recorded (or took a screenshot of).
  6. Click Save And to save the entry

Important Note: If the transaction you are transferring was an online donation recorded on the incorrect account, it may be a situation in which eTapestry created a new account to record the transaction instead of adding it to the correct existing account. For example, you may have a long time donor give online under slightly different information than what you have on file, which results in a new account being created for that person.

In that event, it would be best to merge the new account that was created with the existing account instead of re-adding the transaction manually to the existing account. When you merge accounts together, any journal entries on the accounts being merged are automatically preserved, which means the online transaction would in effect be transferred to the existing account. For more information on how to merge accounts, please view the following help file: How to manually merge accounts