End-dated Prospect Manager populating in query

End-dated Prospect Managers are populating in ad-hoc query as current Prospect Managers if there isn't a new Prospect Manager assigned. If a Prospect Manager is end-dated and a new Prospect Manager has not been assigned, it should be populating without a name.
The Prospect Manager node will display Prospect Managers with an end date if no new Prospect Manager has been added.  

As a workaround you can include the following field as a criteria in the query to only look at constituents who have a Prospect Manager with a date in the future:  Prospect\Prospect Manager End Date is after today.

Steps to Duplicate

1.   Go to Prospects > Search Major giving prospects
2.   Open any constituent record and within the record, go to Prospect > Prospect Team
3.   Click Edit prospect manager and add an ensure an end-date in the past is chosen for testing
4.   Go to Analysis > Information library and click Add an ad-hoc query
5.   In the Select a Source View window, select Constituents
6.   Under Browse for fields in, select Constituents (at the very top) > under Select Constituents fields, drag and drop Name to Include records where
7.   In the Apply Criteria window, choose Equal to and type the constituent's name who you chose in step 2 
8.   Under Browse for fields in, open the tree for Prospect > select Prospect Manager > under Select Prospect Manager fields, drag and drop Name to the Results fields to display (this should populate the name of the current Prospect manager or a blank field if no Prospect manager is assigned)
9.   Under Broswe for fields in, select Prospect Manager History > drag and drop End date to Results fields to display
10. Click the Preview results tab
11. An end-dated Prospect manager name populates when it should be blank.


 Blackbaud CRM

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