In order to setup IGAM conditions first you need to have a posted Grant or scholarship that you plan on posting the condition for.

On the Grant/Scholarship record, open the conditions tab and click the "New" button in the upper left (next to the 'save' button).

Fill in the details on the new Condition record, most importantly a condition code, select a 'condition', and a Due Date.

After your Condition record is saved on that Grant/Scholarship record, check to see if the applicant has an IGAM account.  On the Condition Record, click the "other" radio button and check the email address listed in the "IGAM Info" box.  Correct that email if need be, the applicant does not necessarily have to already have an account setup.  If the application came through IGAM originally, you will see an "IGAM form Id" to the left of the "IGAM info" box.  If the application was entered manually, there will be no IGAM form ID.

If the "IGAM account" is blank, you can fill in the applicant's email address.

Once you've finished filling in the Condition Record, click save.

Next click the File Maintenance menu, click Grants, click IGAM Processing, then IGAM Conditions Processing
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It's a good idea to check the "Register/Create IGAM Accounts" box, fill in your selections for the Conditions you're working on, and then 'Run Report'.  This will create an IGAM account for any applicants that don't already have one setup.

Then Open the IGAM Conditions Processing utility again, and click 'Publish to Web', select an IGAM form, then make your selections in the selections tab, and 'Run Report'

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After the Report has run you have the option to 'Publish to Web' in the menu.  This will send emails to the applicants and generate the online conditions.

After the applicants fill out and submit their conditions, you retrieve them similarly to any other application in IGAM, but the condition flows directly to FIMS, there is no intermediate stage where it is able to be seen in IGAM.