To give access to a list you made, which is displayed in My Lists, navigate to:
  1. Lists > Manage Lists.
  2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions. 
  3. Select My Lists
  4. Find the list you want to share, and on the right side, click User Access
  5. Click Add User(s)
  6. Search for User(s) to add
  7. Click Search
  8. Click >> to add the User to the Added Users column
  9. Click Save and Exit
To give access to a List made by another User, a Platform Manager navigates to:
  1. Lists > Manage Lists.
  2. Click Manage Basic and Advanced Lists.
  3. Select List Admin at the top.
  4. Under the User: dropdown select the name of the owner of the list
  5. Under the list Results click User Access on the desired List
  6. Click Add Users
  7. Under Search In: Type the Last Name of the User you are trying to give access to:
  8. Click Search
  9. Click the blue >> next to a user's name to move them from Search Results Column to Added Users.
  10. Click Save & Exit