How to see statistics about who opened the email I sent?

When we use Advanced Mass Email to send emails, we have the ability to see additional information once we send the email. The Delivery Report will show successes, failures, opens, clicks, and other statistics.
To view the number of successes and failures from sent emails:
  1. Click Reports
  2. Click eTapestry Standard Reports
  3. Under Mass Email Reports, click Delivery Report
  4. To view more details click on the Mailing ID
This page will show different statistics on that particular email. To view the list of email addresses each statistic refers to we can click on the blue linked numbers. When looking at that list, we can also click on Show Unique Email Addresses Only to see each of these email addresses listed only once.
  • Basic Information: Shows the date, time, completion status, subject, query, template, and a link to view the email as a web page.
  • Submitted Email Address Stats: Shows the number of attempted, in-progress, and not attempted emails. Viewing the not attempted emails will also show why each was not attempted.
  • Attempted Email Stats: Shows the number of successful emails sent and emails that failed to go through. Viewing the failures will also show why each one could not be delivered.
  • Tracked Opens: Shows how many times the email has been opened and by how many unique addresses.
  • Click-through Stats: Shows the name of each trackable link in the email and how many times it was clicked.
  • Forward to a Friend: Shows the number of recipients who used the Forward to a Friend link and how many times it was forwarded using that link.



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