How do I find accounts with a specific persona type?

At some point, you may need to find all accounts that have a certain persona type. This could be for a particular mailing or just to view statistics on how many accounts have a certain persona type active. This can be done by creating a query.
To query on all accounts with a certain persona type:

1. Click Queries
2. Select a category that you want to store this query in (Ex: Base)
3. Click New Query under the Tasks menu
4. Name the query
5. For Starting Query select Category: Base and Query: All Constituents
6. For the Data Return Type select Accounts
7. For Criteria Matching select Match Each Criteria
8. For Criteria select Defined Fields from the drop down box
9. Click Persona Types
10. Check the box next to the persona type you want
11. Click Save and Preview

Note: The Preview will show information from the primary persona on each account, whether that is the persona type you chose in the query or not. To pull data from the specific persona type you want, you can go on to create a report following these steps:

12. From the preview screen, click More Options and then Run Report
13. Select a category that you want to store this report in (Ex: System)
14. Click New Report under the Tasks menu
15. Name your report
16. Set the Group By to Accounts and in the drop down beneath that select Collapse Groups
17. For Report Columns > Commonly Used Fields > click Account Name, Address Lines, City, State, Postal Code
18. Click Save and Run
19. Select your query
20. For Personas Reported click Based on hierarchy and select the persona type you chose in your query in the first drop down box
21. Scroll down and select your preferred report format
22. Click Submit



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