There is an API function that  you can use to access the registry called GetAvailableRegistryKeys.

This method returns an array containing the registry key root for each installed Raiser’s Edge database.

Check the registry root of the first installed Raiser's Edge database Debug.Print moREAPI.GetAvailableRegistryKeys(1)
Note: The API object does not need to be initialized to access this method.

If you have multiple Raiser’s Edge databases installed with API support, you can use this method to present the end-user with a list of available databases.

For example, the following code populates a combo box with a list of available Raiser’s Edge databases (this is not the complete code for the form):

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
  Dim lCntr As Long
  Dim vDatabases As Variant

 'Create an instance of The Raiser's Edge 7 API
  Set moREAPI = New REAPI

 'Get a list of available RE7 databases
  vDatabases = moREAPI.GetAvailableRegistryKeys

 'Load a combo with the available choices
  With cboDatabases
    For lCntr = 1 To UBound(vDatabases)
      .AddItem vDatabases(lCntr)
    Next lCntr
  End With

End Sub

Tip: Once you have access to the Registry Key, you can extract descriptive information from the registry. to display for your end-user. The registry key will be returned as \Software\Blackbaud\REINI_## where ## is the Database ID number.
Three useful keys are:


The Raiser’s Edge sample database




C:\Program Files\RE7 

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