1. Log in to WordPress as an Administrator or Editor.
  2. Edit the page or post that we want to restore.
  3. In the top right, click Screen Options.
  4. Mark the checkbox for Revisions.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page or post.
  6. Click on the date of the revision that we want to restore.
  7. We are now able to compare the current page or post with the selected revision.
  8. Click Restore this Revision.

Note: Blackbaud hosted WordPress sites are only set up to show the last two revisions of a page. 

This would be the limit of what would be kept in the history before new revisions start to overwrite old revisions. 
When the next change is made to the site this is what occurs:

  1. The old Revision 1 would disappear because...
  2. The old Revision 2 becomes the new Revision 1 thereby overwriting the old Revision 1 because we only keep two revisions.
  3. The new changes that are made become the new revision 2

- If you see a revision for the date in question but it does not show the information you expected, it is likely the page was open long enough after making the edits to trigger an auto save.
- Auto saves are counted toward the revision history and there is no way to retrieve that old version of the page anymore.