Template Update skips a certain page

When running the Secure Payment Template Update, a page that sends viewers to BBPS (payments.blackbaud.com) does not get its template pushed to BBPS. So BBPS displays no template, or an outdated template.

This page sends viewers to payments.blackbaud.com, and does not contain an Advanced Donation Form, Transaction Manager, or Payment 2.0 Part.
The Secure Payment Template Update will only affect pages that contain one of these parts:

-Payment 2.0 
-Transaction Manager
-Advanced Donation Form

The template update will skip all pages that do not contain one of these parts. Place a blank Advanced Donation Form on the page and notice that the Template Update now runs on the page.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Place a part that sends viewers/donors to payments.blackbaud.com. This part is not an Advanced Donation Form, Transaction Manager, or Payment 2.0 Part.
2) Set the page to use a template.
3) Run the Secure Payment Template Update (BBIS > Administration > Sites and Settings > Schedules tab > click "Update Templates" under Secure Payment Template Update)
4) Test the page. Navigate through to payments.blackbaud.com
5) Notice that the template disappears after navigating to payments.blackbaud.com


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