This intermittent behavior may be the result of a few different factors. PDF receipts can be enabled for both Credit Card transactions or Direct Debit Transactions. To confirm which transactions should generate a PDF receipt:
  1. Edit the Donation Form in question
  2. Click eReceipt in the upper left corner
  3. Ensure Credit Card or Direct Debit is selected, depending on which transactions you want to generate the receipt. Click Save if any changes are made.
If you notice that the PDF receipt is intermittently displayed for pledge or recurring gift payments:
PDF receipts are only generated when the date the form is submitted matched the desired frequency date. For example, if the form is submitted on the 1st and the desired frequency date is the 1st of every month, the first transaction will be charged and a PDF receipt generated. PDF receipts will not be generated if the form is submitted on the 1st and the frequency is for the 15th of every month, given the first transaction is not charged through NetCommunity.