To update the slideshow, you will need to upload the new images and then replace the references
  1. Upload your Image(s) to the Library. TeamRaiser Slide Show images usually use the naming convention of slide-01-XXX where XXXX is the ID of the TeamRaiser event.
  2. Save the URL of the image(s) for use later
  3. Locate which reusable is in use
  4. Click Manage under the Actions column of this reusable
  5. Click Copy Version on the version that shows "Active"
  6. Choose "Edit Content" from the Action column, next to this version
  7. Click the pencil icon to Edit the HTML Content
  8. In the pop-up window look through the coding for "img src=" tags. These will show the name of your images, such as  "image/slide-01-XXXX.jpg"
  9. Replace the file names for the slides in the existing coding with the file name from the URL of the images you uploaded
  10. Click Save
  11. Click Finish
  12. Click Publish under the Actions column for your version of the page
Note: This content solution was provided by a web developer. Support cannot assist with the implementation or further troubleshooting of this custom code. Further assistance is available in the Blackbaud Community.