I cannot query on the Relation only constituency

You may want to see which constituent records have the Relation only constituency, but when you query on the constituency there are no results in your query. You do see that you are able to query on other constituencies.
This field is not currently available for query. If you would like a list of Constituent names and Lookup Id's that have the Relation Only Constituency, we can assist. Please chat with support and reference this article.

Additionally, if you would like to see this become a future feature of Altru, please visit our Community Idea page. We encourage you to create and vote on posts as this is an opportunity to have a voice in the product development process. Our Product Management team uses a variety of methods to determine new features in Altru, and the ideas in the Community is one way they do this, so your vote helps Product Management prioritize the new features that we put into the product.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Analysis > Information Library > Add an ad-hoc query, Choose the source view of Constituent
  2. In the middle select Constituent Record > move to include records where and set equal to the affected constitiuent
  3. On the left, select constiuency > In the middle select Name > Move to Results fields to display
  4. Preview results > See that the Relation only constituency is not listed in the query


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