Server was unable to process request. Template CSS was lost.

When adding templates to the secure site a user might experience the error message "Server was unable to process request. Template CSS was lost."
This occurs when the number of CSS selectors on a given page exceeds the upper threshold of of 4096 selectors-per-page. In this scenario, a page must be re-designed to bring the limit below the upper threshold.  

The CSS in the template is parsed and sanitized using various methods; the primary method is Microsoft AntiXSS

We permit a maximum of 4096 selectors in the uploaded design.

This tool can help with the count.
This limit is rooted in a Microsoft IE limitation.

Several factors contribute to exceeding that limit:
· BBIS imposes a few site-wide stylesheets, which cumulatively add up to about 1200 selectors
· Any stylesheet on the BBIS layout
· Any stylesheet on the individual part


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