I can't see my FieldMaker fields outside of FIMS

After creating new FieldMaker Fields in FIMS, they are not visible from crystal reports or other external programs.
When you add fields in Field Maker, you are making new fields in a particular FieldMaker table in the FIMS Database.  When you run the commit process in FIMS, the new fields are added to the table, and a popup shows on the screen which asks if you would like to rebuild the SQL views, that popup looks like this:

User-added image

Rebuilding the SQL views allows for external programs (which use the FIMS ODBC connection) to get an updated 'view' of the FieldMaker tables, which now have new fields.  

So if you're not able to see new fields, it may be that you clicked "no" to the popup, and the new fields were not built into the current SQL views for the FieldMaker tables, meaning that any external program would not know they are there.

Re-run the FieldMaker commit Process, and choose "yes" - this should resolve any issues.



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