What is happening?
BBSP templates are being automatically updated due to improved Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and provide support for modern responsive markup including CSS3 and HTML5 coding practices.  

How do I know if my site is affected by this change?
Any site that accepts payments through a Blackbaud Secure Payments (BBSP) page is affected. Blackbaud Secure Payments is required if you are using the following parts:

* Advanced Donation Form
* Payment 2.0
* Transaction Manager (configured to update credit card on recurring gifts)

I am already on BBIS 4.0 SP6. What do I need to do?
If you are on 4.0 SP6 or higher, the option is already available to pre-upgrade to BBSP 2.0 responsive templates.  Refer to the Documentation to preview your existing templates on BBSP 2.0 and upgrade through the configuration options available within BBIS.

What happens if I cannot upgrade to CRM 4.0 SP6 before August 28,2016?
Your BBSP templates will automatically be upgraded on August 28, 2016. After August 28th, you can make changes to your new 2.0 templates through your normal BBIS configuration for template uploads.  The normal process for template uploads will remain functional, the system will simply upload the templates to BBSP 2.0 instead of 1.0.  

Am I required to update to BBIS 4.0 SP6 to support uploads to BBSP 2.0?
No, SP6 provides only the option to pre-upgrade to responsive templates prior to the August 28 server upgrade.  Implementations on earlier versions will still upload to the BBSP 2.0 page after this change.

I am a hosted/on-premise client.  How does this change affect my implementation type?
This change is applicable to all all implementations, regardless of where BBIS is hosted. 

I have a question not listed on this FAQ.  What should I do? 
Our Technical Account Managers (TAM) have been updated on progress of this change throughout the summer and can provide more information.

I have previewed my 2.0 template with my TAM and can't locate the related page in my implementation.  How do I find it? 
Our application support team can assist in locating the page in your implementation