In Luminate Online, if a donor who isn’t logged in enters the same name and email address for an existing (opted out) constituent record, the system adds the transaction to their record but doesn’t change the opt-in status. This safeguard is in place to prevent somebody who has the constituent's name and email from opting them back in without the constituent's permission. In order for a constituent to opt themselves back in, they need to log in and donate or update their profile.

To enable opted out constituents to re-subscribe when they take action or make a donation, add the following code to the Thank You pages and autoresponders for your campaigns:

[[?[[S1:accepts_email]]::false::language and link for opting back in goes here::]]

The code checks whether constituents are opted out of email, and if so, displays a link to the Email Preferences page to allow them to opt back in. Otherwise, it displays nothing. The link for the email preference page is below.


Where shortname is unique for each organization and should appear in every Luminate Online URL.

Note: You will need some HTML knowledge to be able to implement this solution.  You have to make the above text a hyperlink for it to be a valid url.  The code is an example of a possible conditional to display a url based on the constituent email status.  Customer Support does not directly support HTML/CSS/Javascript solutions, so use at your own risk.