This may occur if the Pledge payment in the file has the wrong Pledge number for the account id (or the wrong account id for the Pledge number). ADU will match to whatever account id is uploaded in the file, or Alternate id if there is no account id and the Alternate id is on an account in TA. If the Pledge number included in the file is for a pledge on another account, then it will create a TP pledge on the account from the file, and a Soft credit pledge on the account with the pledge.

There is a process to send Luminate the old SG Pledge number and a new SG pledge number for an account, so that they can update the Pledge numbers for the accounts accordingly. The file is generated by a Query and Output and send to Luminate via an FTP script called by and Ad-hoc job.

If this file has been sent, then Luminate should have the correct pledges for the accounts. Contact Luminate support for further assistance with why the pledge number and account id are mixed up.