A possible cause of this is because the form is not Active or not Published. To change this navigate to:
  1. Determine the module the form lives in: Academics, Enrollment Management, Extracurricular, or School Website.
  2. Content > School Forms 
  3. Select the Settings icon next to the form the user is not seeing
  4. On the General Tab, ensure the Active box is selected
  5. Check to see if the Publish End Date Range is after today's date
    • If it is not after today's date, you can change this by clicking in the box for the End Date within the Publish Date Range and input a Date, or select a Date from the Calendar picker.
  6. Select Save & Close
Note: If you have Reminders Active, and "Send when Activated" is selected, any user who has not submitted the school form will be notified.