The Recognition field is stored on the Account Settings page of an account. There are four values for Recognition:
  • Use Account Name
  • Anonymous
  • No Recognition
  • Custom
If you want to import recognition information, your file needs to include two fields: Recognition Type and Recognition Name. Recognition Type refers to the values for Recognition (listed above). Recognition Name refers to the Custom name you want to use, so it is only needed if the Recognition Type is Custom. Please see the screen shot below for an example of the different formats.

User-added image

Important Note: Only add a Recognition Name to rows where the Recognition Type is set to Custom. If you add a Recognition Name to a row where it does not belong or fail to include one when the Recognition Type is custom, an error will occur on step 5 of the import process and your data will not be added to eTapestry.

In the past, the Import module allowed users to add Recognition Names even if the Type was not Custom. We have improved the process to make sure data entry is consistent with the Recognition Type, however you may come across situations where the Default Recognition Name on the account's Home Page does not match the Recognition Name on the Account Settings page.