Export the Import ID for each Constituent in the existing Student Query:

1. Select Export. 
2. Click New Export. 
3. Select Export Type=Constituent. 
4. Select Export Format=Comma Separated Values. 
5. Click Create Now. 
6. On the General tab, select Include>Selected Records. 
7. Search to include the Student Query. Highlight the Student Query, and click Open. 
8. Select the Output tab. 
9. From Available Fields, select Constituent Information>Import ID. 
10. Click Export Now to view results. 

Query on the Individual Relations based on the Import ID field:

1. Select Query. 
2. Click New. 
3. Select Query Type=Constituent. 
4. Select Query Format=Dynamic.
5. On the Criteria tab, under Available fields, select Relationships>Individuals>Individual Import ID. 
6. On the Edit Field Criteria window, select Operator=One of. 
7. On the Edit Field Criteria window, paste the values listed on our Excel spreadsheet into the Values field.
8. Click OK. 
9. Click Run Now to view results.