Verify the correct cash account is showing in the bank setup.
  1. From Financial Institutions > Maintenance, highlight the bank and click on Edit.
  2. Select the Account tab.
  3. Under Associations, mark the By GL Cash Account button, and verify the correct cash account is listed.  If it is not listed here, click on Add to add the correct cash account.
  4. Mark the By Use button, highlight the Module Accounts Payable, and click on Edit.
  5. Verify the correct GL Cash Acct is in the Usage Definition field.

If the correct cash account is in Financial Institutions, and the checks are still posting to the wrong cash account:
1. Login to division 00 System Administration, and select System Utilities.
2. Type in program name ocw208, switch 20, no parameters.
3. The date can be any date, select your division and click Run.
4. Type C to change and press Enter.  
5. Enter the Bank Usage ID and press Enter.  If you do not know the Usage ID, type in S to scroll, find the Usage ID, then do C to change.
6. Under field to change type 4 and press Enter.
7. Type the correct cash account number, press Enter, type 0 to accept and press Enter
8.  Verify the Bank account number is correct in field 3.  Change it if needed.
9. Press Esc, and type E to end.