1. Click Management
  2. Click AddressFinder (NCOA)
  3. Select the category and query containing the accounts you would like to check against the NCOA; please see 
    Which query should I use for the Address Finder (NCOA)?
  4. Select your preference for which Persona should be checked
    1. If we select Primary Persona Only, the service will only look at the primary Persona on the account
    2. If we select All Personas, the service will look at all Personas on the account. Please note: if an account has an address that is not affiliated with the account name, the address will be marked Invalid; for example, if a donor has a business address on file that is not necessarily affiliated with that person's name in the Post Office's database, the address will be marked Invalid.
  5. Select your preference for how addresses should be standardized
    1. If we select Standardize all return addresses, the service will standardize all addresses in the database (for example, if an address is marked valid, and it was entered as 123 Main Street, the NCOA will standardize the address to 123 Main St)
    2. If we select Standardize only addresses updated by AddressFinder, the service will only standardize those addresses marked as Move Identified, Address Updated
  6. Enter the date when you would like to run the service (must be at least one day in the future)
  7. Enter the Name, Job Title, and Email for the person who should receive the results of the AddressFinder
  8. Fill in your organization's NAICS Code (if you do not know your code, you can access the full list of codes by clicking on the blue link just above the NAICS Code field that says "click here")
  9. Mark the checkbox that authorizes the NCOA scan
  10. Click Schedule
Once the run is complete, please refer to the following for more information and next steps: