Selectable Types
  • Selection From a Set of Values: this Display Type provides check boxes for each value in the field. Once we've created the field, we can mark one or multiple check boxes in this field. We would use this field in the event that we need to mark multiple values for one account/transaction. We might use this Display Type for tracking a field such as volunteer availability so we can mark multiple days of the week when the volunteer is available.
  • Allow Assignment of Only One Item: this Display Type provides a drop down menu that displays all of the values. We can only select one option from the drop down menu in this field. This Display Type would be useful for selecting an alumni's graduation year, for example.
Important Note: It is not recommended to switch between these display types but it is possible to do if needed. If you change between these selectable types, keep in mind that if you have been using check boxes and multiple values are selected on an account or journal entry and you change to a drop down menu eTapestry will only display one of the values that had been previously marked in the checkbox. You should review the state of the current data in the field before making this type of change to ensure no important information is lost.

Freeform Text Types
  • Text Box: this Display Type will allow you to type a value in a single line of text on the field, but there are no predetermined values. You might use this type of field to track a person's birthday.
  • Note Field: this Display Type will also allow you to type text without values, but gives a much larger space to do so. The text will be entered on multiple lines for easier readability.For example, this field might be used to track additional guest names on an event registration page.