Incorrect Value showing for user-defined data list

Using a User-defined data list, for example looking at the contact tab within any constituent record where it list how many addresses or phone numbers the constituent has listed within the data list. In this situation the data list was correctly collecting this information for each constituent. The data list was not outputting the correct information in the constituent record. If a constituent had no data listed for an address, the value was outputting that the constituent did have one address.
To fix this, in the user defined data list for each section, include records where attribute/value is not blank. That way it will only pull in constituents who have that attribute assigned, and will show the correct value for the data list for each user.

1. Click the Administration Tab
2. Click Application under Administration Section
3. Click Shell Design
4. Click the tab User-defined Data Lists
5. Find and open User-defined Data List
6. Click Edit under the Tasks section
7. Add "Attribute/Value is not blank" in the Include records where section

Steps to Duplicate

1. Search for any constituent
2. Click the Contact tab
3. Addresses section had no address, but was showing a (1) value beside Addresses instead of a (0)


 Blackbaud CRM

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