The integration uses the Luminate Online Open API. Follow these steps to configure the integration on Luminate Online.
  1. Navigate to Setup > select Site Options
  2. Select Open API Configuration
  3. Under Configure API keys, make note of the API key listed here
  4. Next to Configure API to Allow Server Access, click Edit server API configuration
  5. Add the IP range to the whitelist -
Now that we have whitelisted the IP address and we have an API administrator account, we'll also need to create a custom field for to use.
  1. Navigate to Setup > select Database Configuration
  2. Click Expand next to Additional Information
  3. Locate the first available custom string field that is not currently in use and label it as attentively_export_id
  4. Mark "Use this field" next to attentively_export_id
  5. Click Save
Lastly, verify that the API Administrator Group on your site has the proper permissions to create and edit groups in Luminate Online.  
  1. Navigate to Setup > select Groups.
  2. Search for the API Administrators group and click Edit Permissions.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select Group Administration
  4. Click Choose
  5. Verify that "Luminate Online Groups API" is marked
Note: ​Some of these steps require Advanced Site Administrator permissions. If you do not have these permissions and no one at your Organization is an Advanced Site Admin, please contact your account manager.